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Performance at scale: 10 million issues and beyond with Jira Data Center

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Discover in this whitepaper

Intérieur guide
  • Test results that demonstrate Jira's perfomance
  • Information on performance indicators to track
  • Recommendations on implementing governance
  • Jira Data Center's benefits when you need to scale
  • An overview for running a PoC for Data Center
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Did you know?

Year-over-year for enterprise customers, the average number of Jira issues increases by 23% and the creation of projects increases by 17%.


Anticipate your growth

This whitepaper, supported by concrete research and testing, gives you the keys on how to monitor, anticipate and adjust your instance's configuration. Jira Software is designed to support your scaling business over the long-term - now you can learn how to proactively meet your growing teams' needs.

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An Atlassian-Valiantys whitepaper

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