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Managing a strong growth of Jira and Confluence of Atlassian? 3 companies stories

Discover how three companies have adapted their Atlassian platforms and now rely on Atlassian Data Center versions of these mission-critical tools.

In this guide, you'll discover :

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  • How Jira and Confluence were adopted by these companies’ teams
  • The challenges and problems faced by these companies as a result of the spectacular increase in their use of Atlassian tools
  • The solutions implemented to provide a high level of service for their platforms
  • The value provided by the Data Center versions (multi-node clusters) of Jira and Confluence in a strong growth context
  • How to combine high performance, continuous availability of tools, and ease of administration
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"In just a few years, Jira and Confluence become mission-critical, platforms multiply and grow, and challenges increase. An interruption in service or a drop in Atlassian tool performance can be very costly for the company and cause users to become dissatisfied."

Atlassian Data Center

For mission-critical Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket platforms

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High availability

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Performance at scale

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Instant scalability

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Disaster recovery

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Flexible deployment

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The 3 companies examined in this eBook all turned to the Data Center versions of Jira and Confluence.

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