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Outlining indicators that it's time to move to Data Center

When it comes to your Atlassian investment, governance, intensive functional and all-time accessibility are needed to ensure you’re getting the optimal results. As applications grow across an organization they become mission-critical to every team’s success and need to support high availability. Hence why many teams choose Atlassian server products because they want or need control over their data and scale up as they grow.

But did you know that Atlassian offers another option for you to deploy on your own infrastructure?

In this webinar, we'll walk you through Atlassian's Data Center solutions - build to better serve enterprise organizations looking for improved stability and performance.

Join us on August 27th at 3pm CEST and discover:
  • Key indicators to help you identify if your platforms need to scale up
  • How to choose the appropriate deployment option
  • Why international companies turned to Atlassian's Data Center
  • How Valiantys can help you scaling your mission-critical Atlassian applications


Webinar Data Center

Atlassian Data Center Benefits

The benefits of Atlassian's Data Center

For many teams, the adoption of Atlassian tools is swift and viral, to the point they've become mission-critical for your team to do their jobs. Yet as the number of users, projects, and roles increase beyond a certain limit, your applications may suffer from a lack of performance which can be very costly to your business. Unplanned downtime might mean that your work would come to a complete standstill.

With Atlassian's Data Center deployment option you'll still be in control of your data and infrastructure, yet have the peace of mind that comes with a solution offering high availability, high performance and scalability.

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The Valiantys difference

We're experts at deploying multi-node, highly redundant and high performance platforms for thousands of concurrent users.

We developed performance benchmarks for Jira Data Center jointly with Atlassian and written several white papers on the topic.

We developed our own performance playbook and references, based on the hundreds of Atlassian tools we hosted and troubleshooted.